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Instrument Rentals

 Rent to Own Program Information and Pricing

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Beginner Level Instruments

This instrument is recommended for up to 1 to 2 years of playing experience. Each instrument is set up in our workshop to ensure that it will play and sound its best. Don't let a poor factory set up ruin and discourage you or your child's interest in music. Our luthiers can make all the difference!

  • Includes case and student level bow
  • Solid hand carved spruce top
  • Solid hand carved maple back and sides
  • NO laminate, pressed wood, or plywood 
  • All ebony fittings
  • Fine tuner tailpiece
  • (Basses may be laminate construction)
Beginner level Instrument (all sizes)
(Prices include all tax and fees)
$25 per month
$30 per month
$60 Per Month
$85 Per Month

Intermediate Level Instruments 

Recommended for 2 to 5 years of playing experience.  When starting an instrument, your ear takes time to learn the differences in sound quality. All of that practicing and no improvement in sound? Getting frustrated with trying to improve your technique? It may be time to upgrade your equipment. This is the biggest sign that you are advancing and learning the finesse that these instruments require. 

  • Upgraded material selection
  • Finer Instrument Craftsmanship
  • Better tone and response
  • Professional level strings
  • Upgraded Intermediate level case and bow
Intermediate Level Instruments (All Sizes)
(Prices include all tax and fees)
 $35 per month
 $40 per month
 $85 per month
 $105 per month
Violin Shop Tampa Violin Rental

H. Luger CV300 Violin $25/month

     Musical instruments can get expensive, but with our Rent to Own program, you can bring your instrument home today with no obligation to buy and no long term contracts. If it doesn't work out just bring it back. This means you're in charge of the music! It's quick, easy, and will get you playing in no time. Let us help fill your world with music!

Instrument Rentals
Starting from $25/Month!