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Repairs & Restorations

Standard Setup and Repair

With beautiful music comes great responsibility, but we all know things happen. Whether your bridge breaks or your bow is in need of a rehair, Violin Shop Tampa has the professional expertise to handle any repair. With a combined 49 years of orchestral instrument repair experience, we have repaired, adjusted, and professionally setup countless instruments. Both Owners are professional luthiers and are often both in the store daily to assist with anything you need. We strive to finish repairs as soon as possible, sometimes the same day, in order to impact your play time as little as possible. We will always stand by our work.

A Few Of Our Repair Prices Are Listed Below
If your repair is not listed or you are not sure, give us a call (813)288-8215

Major Repairs

Primary Luthier - Dereck Coons
Due to the complexity and individual requirements of each instrument in need of major repairs and restorations, please contact us to obtain a professional estimate. Call us at (813)288-8215 or visit us at 4009 Henderson Blvd. Tampa, 33629

Repairs to Instrument
 Violin / Viola
 Restring (Free if strings are purchased with us)
$5 Set
$10 Set
$20 Set
  Fit Standard Bridge
  Fit Professional Bridge
  Reset Soundpost
  New Soundpost
  Install Tailpiece Gut
  Reglue Fingerboard
$20 - $45
$30 - $60
$75 - $200
  Resurface Fingerboard
$45 - $70
$45 - $150
$70 - $200
  Glue Loose Seams (Each)
  New Nut or Saddle
  Install New Endpin (Standard)
$60 - $120
$100 - $300
  Refit Old Pegs
$10 - $20 Each
$15 - $25 Each
Lube Tuners $50
  New Pegs (Standard Ebony)
  Bow Rehair - Wood or Composite

* Repair Prices are for basic instrument repair. Violin Shop Tampa reserves the right to change posted prices for repairs at any time. For major repairs to instruments please call (813)288-8215 or visit us at 4009 Henderson Blvd. Tampa 33629.

Attention : There is no expressed warranty from the manufacturer on strings