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V101 Step-Up Violin Outfit


Step-Up instruments are the next step in your musical journey.  They are usually a little more expensive than a beginner level instrument.  They offer a broader dynamic performance range and help the advancing musician hear more of what is going on musically which allows the player and audience to enjoy a wider range of tonal characteristics.  The tonewood is aged a little longer and is a bit thinner making it more responsive.  The varnish is usually a little softer and more flexible allowing the wood to move more and produce a broader range of sounds.  Artistically shaded alcohol varnish also enhances the beauty of the wood and makes the violin appear older than it acutall is.

  • Top: Aged solid hand carved spruce
  • Back: Aged solid hand carved maple with a beautiful figure
  • Sides: Same wood as the back
  • Scroll: Same wood as the back and sides
  • Fingerboard: Ebony
  • Fittings: Ebony pegs and chinrest
  • Bridge: Despiau hand carved custom fitted in our shop
  • Soundpost: Spruce custom fitted in our shop
  • Strings: Daddario Prelude or Zyex strings
  • Varnish: Hand brushed alcohol, artistically applied for patina and age
  • Tonal Characteristics: Warmer and louder than the begninner model
  • Suitable for: Players from two to four years
  • Includes: Lightweight D shape delux case, carbon fiber composite real horsehair bow.



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Price: $800.00
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