Over 90 years of experience

Dedicated Luthiers with over 90 years of combined experience.

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Repairs Beyond Compare

Violin Shop Tampa and Violin Shop Sarasota have professional instrumentalists inside and outside of the workshop. With luthiers whose experience levels surpass over 90 years, each instrument has its own specialist that does adjustments and repairs daily. With every person on our staff being a musician, we have the insight to ensure your instrument is playing its best.

No Appointment Needed.

At Violin Shop Tampa and Sarasota we have an open door policy which allows for anyone to come in for inquires on repairs at any time.

Special accommodations can be made for any major repairs that require attention by a specific luthier on staff. 

Quality Service.



We allot a 7-day period for anyone to take an instrument on trial. The only requirements are a valid driver's license and credit/debit card on file. There is no charge as long as the instrument is returned or purchased within the given time period.

 If an instrument is brought in for repair, our customers are more than welcome to take an instrument on loan until their instrument is completed. Similar to our approvals, all that is needed is a valid driver's license and credit/debit card on file.


Repairs are done in house at our Tampa location.

Each instrument is assigned to a luthier that specializes in the specific repair/instrument.

This allows luthiers to dedicate time and care to each individual repair.

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