Shipping Information:

Free Shipping over $500.00 (excludes oversized, see below)

All orders placed before 3pm will be shipped on the same day. Economy shipping is a standard 3-5 days. If you need expedited shipping, please give us a call, options are available.

Shipping Over-sized Items:

Item classified as oversized: Cellos, Basses, Cello Cases, Bass Cases, or a product that may weigh over 35 pounds. Please call us if you are looking for further clarification.

At the time of purchase your cart will mark these items as free shipping. Our store will reach out with price quotes based upon your location and shipping needs.

Trade-In & Extended Warranty:

All repairs, integrity of glued joints, pegs, fingerboards, and tailguts guaranteed one year.  

Exclusions to Extended Warranty No guarantee on bridges, strings, accidental or weather damage, adjustments made by anyone other than Violin Shop Tampa.  Weather damage is defined as instrument or varnish damage due to heat, cold, dryness (lack of humidity) or wetness (excess humidity) and/or other wetness. All guarantees are null and void if the instrument is placed in a car trunk or closed vehicle during winter or summer.  Varnish damage due to rosin accumulations or heat are not covered.  


Bow Warranty:

  1. Restitution is limited to the original purchase price. 

  2. The bow is guaranteed to have no damage or repairs, except as stated on the bill of sale.  Screws and eyelets guaranteed one year.  Within 2 months, if the hair pops out all at once or becomes too long for good adjustment, bow will be rehaired at no charge—one time only.


Exclusions to Bow Warranty: No coverage on accidental damage, such as dropping the bow and the head breaks, the ivory tip-face lost, cracked or broken, or the shaft broken. Hair is not guaranteed, except as noted in item 2 above. Broken frogs not covered. Damage as a result of bow being rehaired by someone other than Violin Shop Tampa is not covered.  


We honor the original value of the instrument as stated on the bill of sale and apply up to 100% of that value toward the purchase of another instrument in our shop.  If deemed necessary by Violin Shop Tampa the Purchaser will be charged a refurbishment fee

Instrument Trials:

 Loan period for instrument trials is 7 days. If more time is needed, please contact Violin Shop Tampa, Inc. to make arrangements.

If instrument is loaned during a service work order and return is contingent on the completion of an instrument or bow service for the customer, the loan period is for the duration of the service and must be returned no later than 3 days after customer is notified of service completion, unless otherwise approved by Violin Shop Tampa, Inc.


Shipping Information

Trade-In & Extended Warranty

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